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Contract Administration

Contract Administration means ensuring that each of the parties to a contract understands and properly fulfills their obligations and responsibilities and in the event that either party fails to meet their obligations, ensuring that the proper actions are taken.

TeamworX can assist a client by carefully reviewing contract documents both before and after they are signed so as to identify contractually difficult provisions. TeamworX can propose changes to contract provisions before their signature or identify potential risk areas in already signed contracts.

TeamworX can periodically review the contractual performance of each of the parties to a contract by reference to the contract provisions, correspondence, progress reports, minutes of meetings and interviews with project personnel. TeamworX can then propose corrective actions such as preparation and issue of additional correspondence, reports and/or claims including formally declaring a dispute.

Ultimately differences of opinion between the parties may escalate into disputes, which can, depending upon the contract, be settled by; negotiation, mediation, adjudication, arbitration or legal action. TeamworX can assist will all stages of a dispute resolution process.

The Services include :

  • Preparation of Contract Documents
  • Review and advice on Client's Contract Documents
  • Manage proper contract implementation
  • Assist with management and resolution of claims
  • Perform third party audits

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