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TeamworX at Forefront of Construction Management Through Digital Adoptions

Construction Management

4 Jun 2024

With over 30 years in Construction Management (CM), TeamworX co-founder and co-director Marangkup Manik is at the core of TeamworX’s success in turning plans into reality.

Particularly, CM helps ensure Teamwork’s success by ensuring that projects adhere to planned designs, budgets, and schedules. The CM team also acts as the client's representative, ensuring that every phase meets client expectations.

He added that the success of TeamworX in completing projects is inseparable from its highly dedicated staff, who possess top-notch education and experience, and work tirelessly in challenging project environments. 

“When you use our services, you can sleep peacefully because we will ensure that the construction implementation is managed so that your desires for this project are achieved according to the plan,” said Marangkup.

Consisting of about 75 people, his CM team includes project and construction managers, site engineers, supervisors, HSE officers, document controllers, and head office support in training, planning, and administration.

However, the success did not happen overnight.

Looking back, Marangkup said the construction sector has evolved significantly over the last few decades. Since the early '80s, Marangkup recalled seeing mainly paper for construction models. Now, projects can be visualized and manage up to five-dimensional models that allow for interaction between departments.

As the sector became more digital, so did the work of CM. TeamworX started using basic digital methods such as emails and attachments to manage documents and communication. They also use cloud services to share and store documents.

However, these tools leave room for human errors, such as employees forgetting to file a document on a certain date or missing an important activity. The lack of real-time information and interactivity of these tools hinders effective project management.

“Along with my colleagues in the CM department, I began to realize that we could no longer continue with our old methods," he added.

Therefore, in the last three years, TeamworX now uses Procore, a more advanced digital CM tool that digitizes documents and enables real-time updates and comprehensive oversight. Procore’s adoption reflects TeamworX’s dedication to cutting-edge technology, which sets them apart in the construction field.

However, adopting Procore required a shift in mindset among team members. To fully benefit from the new tool, employees need to regularly update data, which could be burdensome to some who do not fully believe in the value of the digital tool.

To tackle this, TeamworX conducted various training sessions to familiarize its staff with Procore’s functionalities. It also set up a support system to address any issues promptly, ensuring smooth operation and minimal disruption to projects.

TeamworX has not stopped there. Marangkup’s team continuously monitors the latest developments through various project management websites, academic journals, and industry networking sessions.

Given TeamworX’s commitment to ensure project execution and client satisfaction, Marangkup said TeamworX will be ready to tackle new challenges as the CM industry grows in Indonesia.

“We must change because change is definitely coming, so indeed we must prepare ourselves for it,” Marangkup said.

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