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TeamworX Pioneers BIM Integration in Quantity Surveying for Efficient Construction

Quantity Surveying & Contract Management Department

15 Mar 2024

In the construction industry, Quantity Surveying (QS) often flies under the radar. Yet, it is the backbone of the construction projects, ensuring project cost management for construction stay on budget and on time.

With over 20 years of QS experience, TeamworX QS Manager Rizka Anizkayai knows this all too well. Rizka's day-to-day responsibilities involve managing the QS team of 16 people to oversee tasks such as generating Bill of Quantities (BOQ). Under her strategic guidance, the QS team has bolstered TeamworX to secure many projects in the last decade.

In the past, however, QS was not always easy. The importance of cost control, which is a part of QS work in a construction project, extends beyond controlling the technical quality of design planning and implementation. QS expertise is also essential in quantifying, costing, and strategizing procurement of goods.

Given that cost is a critical factor in construction projects, the integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) at TeamworX in 2015 has been a game changer for Rizka. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital technology that helps users create detailed 3D models of buildings, making it easier to plan and construct structures accurately.

“We once dreamed of a system where inserting a drawing would automatically generate a BoQ, that was our aspiration. As technology evolved, this dream became a reality. Now, numerous software solutions make it possible to easily calculate and manage multiple projects simultaneously,” said Rizka.

Rizka explained that BIM allows for faster estimations as it provides the QS team access to detailed characteristics of a building’s visible elements directly from the model. Quantity Take Off Calculation with 3D Modelling (BIM 5D), Rizka said the QS could minimize human errors and increase accuracy in estimating costs by up to 90 percent.

While the initial cost of BIM can be higher, Rizka explained that in the long term, stakeholders find it more cost-effective as it helps identify potential risks and clashes earlier in the project lifecycle. In addition, BIM also facilitates clients beyond the construction phase as it provides a detailed historical record of any maintenance efforts, Rizka said.

“Thankfully, TeamworX embraces technology, QS Department also demanded to achieve the company’s vision for maintaining highest standards of deliverable performance. Quantity Take Off Calculation with 3D Modelling software requires numbers of QS personals more effectively with higher accuracy also integrated with design and construction activity,” said Rizka, adding that TeamworX is among the pioneers of BIM adoption in Indonesia.

As BIM technology continues to evolve, the role of QS professionals like Rizka remains critical. After all, maximizing outcomes from a construction project depends on how well its QS team controls costs effectively, Rizka explained.

“And this demands QS professionals who possess integrity, knowledge, and experience,” Rizka explained.

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